Better Brodhead Art Contest Results

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Better Brodhead sponsored an art contest for youth to create a drawing that represented what they do to stay healthy.

Artwork was judged in 4 different age groups: Age 0-5, Age 6-9, Age 10-13, and Age 14-18. 

Our judges for the artwork contest were:  Chief Chris Hughes, Brodhead Police Department; Hannah McMunn, Health and Well-Being Educator UW Extension; and Kathy Comeau, Better Brodhead Program Director.  

All the youth who entered this art contest did a wonderful job on their artwork and it was difficult for our three judges to pick winners in each age group.  A point system was used to judge each piece of artwork. Points were awarded for originality, neatness, use of color, and overall impression. One winner was chosen from each age group.

Everyone received a prize! All contestants received a Better Brodhead face mask for participating in the contest. The four winners from the 4 age groups received gift cards.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Entries in the Age 0-5 Group

Entries in the Age 6-9 Group

Entries in the Age 10-13 Group

Entries in the Age 14-18 Group

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