What is Better Brodhead?

Better Brodhead is a community coalition working in Green County to prevent and reduce alcohol, and other drug use among youth and foster positive relationships for a safe, healthy, and inclusive community.

What does Better Brodhead do?

We are a recognized leader in Green County in youth substance use prevention. Through strong partnerships with the school district, local and county law enforcement, health agencies, the Brodhead Chamber of Commerce and the faith community, we have sponsored many events, campaigns, trainings and school programs.

Better Brodhead has brought substance use issues to the forefront and assisted the school district in developing a multi-disciplinary leadership task force to address youth mental health and substance use issues.

Better Brodhead has also provided training to law enforcement on alcohol policy which has led to law enforcement conducting compliance checks. Better Brodhead has developed a youth 2 youth group at the local high school to provide peer to peer education on substance use prevention.

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Local problems require local solutions

Strategic Prevention Framework diagramBetter Brodhead follows the Strategic Prevention Framework to identify issues, build the capacity to address those issues, plan and implement prevention activities with community partners and evaluate the impact our work has had.

The Strengthening Families Program is a nationally and internationally recognized parenting and family strengthening program for all families. This evidence-based program has been found to significantly improve parenting skills and family relationships, and improves social competencies and school performance in children.

This program focuses on adolescents ages 10 to 14 and their caregivers. The parent, youth, and family skills-building curriculum is delivered in sessions and that offers learning sessions for parents and youth. The program uses realistic videos, role-playing, discussions, learning games, and family projects to enhance parenting skills, build life skills in youth, and strengthen family bonds and communication.

Better Brodhead involves at least 12 sectors of the community in the planning and implementation of the strategic plan. Involving a diverse group of stakeholders to address common problems increases ownership of the solutions and that collective impact has a greater influence for positive change to occur.

Our theory of change is that multiple strategies implemented across multiple environments over time will decrease youth substance use. Strategies that are proven to affect change include:

  • Provide Information: presentations, workshops, brochures, meetings, billboards, web-based communication.
  • Enhance Skills: Workshops and seminars designed to increase the skills of participants
  • Provide Support: creating opportunities to support people to participate. Mentoring, referrals, support groups, clubs.
  • Enhance Access/Reduce Barriers: Childcare, transportation, language sensitivity, addressing special needs.
  • Change consequences/Incentives/disincentives: Recognition for deserved behavior, rewards, citations, fines, loss of privileges.
  • Physical Design: signage, lighting, outlet density, location of dropbox.
  • Modifying/Changing policies: formal written procedural change to bylaws, workplace initiatives, public policy, law enforcement procedures and practices, systems change within agencies.

Does Better Brodhead face any challenges?

One challenge that Better Brodhead has faced are the limitations of human resources in a rural community. Better Brodhead has utilized recruitment campaigns and the Green county volunteer network to increase knowledge of the coalition and coalition involvement in activities.

How does the COMMUNITY support Better Brodhead’s work?

Our board is a working board made up of community members from many sectors that drive the coalition forward.

Our partnerships with various community agencies have provided us with many opportunities including; venues, food donations, and free advertising. Through collaboration with many agencies we are able have a collective impact on shared goals.

Better Brodhead is committed to the wellbeing of our youth by engaging our community to help us achieve our goals.

How can you help?

Better Brodhead is looking for assistance from the public in spreading its message.
Here are some ways you can help us build a stronger community:

Attend an event Donate

Better Brodhead Staff

Meet the team that oversees Better Brodhead’s day-to-day operations.

Kathy Comeau

Kathy Comeau

Program Director

Kathy Comeau is a Wisconsin licensed Prevention Specialist. She received her MA Ed from Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. While living abroad, Kathy worked as a Project Officer overseeing the implementation of county projects to support vulnerable populations.

Upon returning to the USA in 2007, Kathy began working for Partners in Prevention of Rock County and facilitated the development of community coalitions across Rock County.

Kathy brought her skills to Green County in 2013, where she lives, and began working with Better Brodhead to develop their capacity as a coalition and oversaw a community wide assessment. With the award of the Drug Free Communities grant, Kathy became the Program Director that manages Better Brodhead’s Drug Free Community Grant and activities.

Jessica Marass She/Her

Community Services Coordinator

Originally from California, Jess spent several years living and traveling abroad before settling in Wisconsin. She moved to Brodhead in 2008, where she and her co-parent have been raising their 5 children.

In April 2023, Jessica became Community Services Coordinator for Better Brodhead. Jess collaborates with community partners to create and implement programs and events that
relate to youth substance use prevention, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community. She is excited to be able to use the experience and skills gained while living outside the United States.

In her downtime, she can be found cruising on her skateboard, watching her favorite childhood films, and creating silly social media videos with her kiddos. 

Kristia Santiago

Kristia Santiago

Bilingual Community Services Coordinator

Kristia Santiago has lived in Brodhead her whole life, with her husband and kids; and is very dedicated to making a change for the better.  Most of you may know her as Tia and from her days of working in the food service industry. Tia loves working with the public and is very passionate about helping the Latino community.

In June 2022 , she took her role as Bilingual Community Service Coordinator.

Alexis Speth

Alexis Speth

Community Services Coordinator

Alexis Speth has lived in Brodhead her whole life, and graduated from Brodhead High school in 2020. All throughout High School she was involved with Y2Y and many other school organizations. After High School she went to college to be an Esthetician at First Class Cosmetology School.

She currently works as a 911 Dispatcher and in June of 2022 she took a job with us as our Media Coordinator. She is very excited to help people and work on many different projects within the community.

Alexis loves spending her free time crafting, cuddling with her dog, swimming in her pool, and online shopping.