Red Ribbon Week Campaign

Red Ribbon Week 2020

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Take the National Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge now and be a part of the creation of a drug free America.

Parent Pledge

1. As parents and citizens, we will talk to our children and the children in our lives about the dangers of drug abuse.

2. We will set clear rules for our children about not using drugs.

3. We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription.

4. We will monitor our children’s behavior and enforce appropriate consequences, so that our rules are respected.

5. We will encourage family and friends to follow the same guidelines to keep children safe from substance abuse.

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Small Talks Campaign

Alcohol can do lasting damage to a kid’s grown brain, impacting everything from how they learn and make decisions to how they handle emotions. But you don’t need a big speech to help a kid understand the dangers of underage drinking. Start small instead. Having a lot of small, casual talks while at the store, in the drive-thru or between video games can make a big difference in a kid’s health. Start around age eight to prepare kids to make a lifetime of healthy decisions. Visit for tips, facts and more. This campaign is sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

Through the months of September and October you hopefully noticed the spread of this campaign throughout Brodhead. By displaying posters in store fronts, window clings on cars, a large billboard and the yard signs featured here, different members of the community have helped us to spread this important message. To get involved in this campaign, email us at

Small Talks Campaign Yard Signs

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Mask Up Green County

Better Brodhead is participating in the Mask Up Green County campaign spear-headed by the Green County Public Health Department. Wearing a face mask protects you and those around you. Working together we can slow the spread of COVID-19. Better Brodhead and the Brodhead Police Department have once again partnered to help keep our community healthy, by providing washable face masks. Please feel free to stop over at the Brodhead Police Department lobby which is open 24 hours a day, to pick one these FREE face masks while supplies last!

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Better Brodhead is awarded a new grant to support LGBTQ+ youth in Green County

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), awarded the Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Act (STOP Act) 2019 to Better Brodhead, a community coalition in Green County.

The goal of the STOP Act program is to prevent and reduce alcohol use among youth and young adults ages 12-20.  Better Brodhead will focus it’s efforts on reducing the risk factors that put LGBTQ+ youth at risk for underage drinking.

This is a 4 year grant, providing $50,000 per year for these prevention efforts in Green County.  For more information about this grant and Better Brodhead activities, please contact Kathy Comeau, Program Manager at