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A Day In the Life

Hi, my name is Kathy Comeau

Kathy Comeau

As Program Director for Better Brodhead, my day starts before I get to the office.  While sipping on my morning coffee, I look through emails to see if anything needs to be addressed immediately.  Then I check the google calendar for my schedule to prepare for meetings I have as well as checking staff schedules to see who is working and what they are working on.

Driving to work takes 10-15 minutes and I sometimes use this time to prioritize tasks for the day.  Once at work, in addition to monitoring the progress of our action plan and troubleshooting any challenges that staff have, I update the budget of each grant we have, oversee the data that staff log from activities completed, and keep SWCAP and the Executive Committee of the Better Brodhead board up to date on our work.

Since COVID 19 caused us to work and engage with the community differently, I began writing a quarterly newsletter as an insert into the Independent Register.  The date of publication is determined through collaboration with the Independent Register and the Register Print Center.  The current newsletter has been submitted for printing.  I monitor progress to make sure we meet the deadline for publication.  In addition, I write a monthly e-newsletter that is sent out via email and published on the Better Brodhead website.  The e- newsletter highlights upcoming activities/events, and the work staff does.

Something that I keep in mind throughout the work I do is sustainability of the coalition after the grants end.  One thing that I have decided to promote is training for board members.  With board members who are well versed in prevention efforts, the coalition would eventually be able to continue even without paid staff.  Recently three board members went to Washington DC for a leadership forum.  The agenda for tomorrow evenings coalition meeting includes a report out from each of them on things they learned.

Another opportunity presented itself recently.  Better Brodhead was invited to participate in a pilot project to see how coalitions could help address Opioid Use Disorder.  There is a opioid crisis in the county, causing many people to struggle with addiction.  This project if successful this year, could lead to some additional funding next year for the coalition.  Currently in this pilot project, I am collecting data from government sources.  I have been emailing people to schedule key informant interviews that will add qualitative information to the data collected.  The assessment of data collected will be used to develop a logic model in April.  I will meet with staff and any interested coalition members to go over the data and come up with a plan to reflect the needs of the community.

I schedule staff meetings for once a week so that each staff member can talk about what they are working on and coordinating with each other any work on joint projects.  This is also a time when we can brainstorm ideas for new activities, and iron out some loose ends.  In addition to staff meeting, I also meet with each staff person once a month to discuss progress, any challenges to the completion of activities, and any opportunities to enhance the work under each grant.

Monitoring daily work tasks, overseeing the progress of each grant action plan, supporting staff, maintaining an updated budget, report writing, connecting with current and potential coalition partners, while following a timeline of tasks to meet Federal and State deadlines is all in a day’s work.

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Acts of Kindness Contest Winner

Better Brodhead would like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate an individual within the community who they felt committed acts of kindness. Although there were many wonderful nominations, Better Brodhead chose Aaron Schneider to have committed the ultimate act of kindness.

Aaron was described to be a young man who demonstrates kindness at every turn. Aaron came to the rescue and helped a fellow community member who had recently gotten injured; even though his own wife was expecting a baby any day. He and his young three year old son visited daily to check in on the community member and their flock of chickens, and Aaron never misses an opportunity to look around and see what else needs doing. He has shoveled the walk, salted the drive and made sure there was a safe path to the car for them. He is sincere and generous with his time and talents and always seems to put the needs of others first. Thank you, Aaron!

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Episode #29- The Importance of Being Safe Zone Trained

In this podcast, Megan talks with Stephanie Hormig about what it means to be a safe zone, the importance of organizations becoming safe zone trained, how to become a safe zone and also the dangers of claiming you are a safe zone, if you have not been fully trained. Thank you for listening.

Stephanie’s Contact Information:      Email:                                                                                                                Phone: 608-364-1083

Prescription Drug Take Back Event- New Glarus

We partnered with the New Glarus Farmers Market and the New Glarus Police Department for an opportunity for community members to bring their unwanted and/or expired medication to the Farmers Market for proper disposal. We ended up collecting 12 pounds of raw medication!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

By disposing of your medications properly, you helped to keep them out of our landfills, our waters, and the hands of our youth.

take back event
father son small talks

Small Talks Campaign

Alcohol can do lasting damage to a kid’s grown brain, impacting everything from how they learn and make decisions to how they handle emotions. But you don’t need a big speech to help a kid understand the dangers of underage drinking. Start small instead. Having a lot of small, casual talks while at the store, in the drive-thru or between video games can make a big difference in a kid’s health. Start around age eight to prepare kids to make a lifetime of healthy decisions. Visit for tips, facts and more. This campaign is sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. 

To get involved in this campaign, email us at

Got Your Back App

Suicide Awareness, Prevention & Education

Better Brodhead partnered with the Jacob’s SWAG Foundation to promote the use of the new Got Your Back App. The Got Your Back App is new digital platform for suicide awareness, prevention, and education. There are tools custom built to help the user cope with anxiety and depression. The app provides a way for someone in crisis to contact crisis hotlines and send messages to their designated support team comprised of family and friends. There are also mindfulness and calming exercises to help guide the user through moments of anxiety. Additionally there is a nationwide support services locator as well as the ability to create a safety plan. Below you will see an animated video produced by Better Brodhead that further explains the app. We encourage you to utilize this life-saving resource.

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Brodhead Family Fest

We had a blast at Family Fest!

Did you get an opportunity to visit our informational table, photo booth or play our game? We had tons of prizes for the kids who tried out the frog launcher!

If you were unable to stop by and would like more information about Better Brodhead, send us an email at