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What is Occupational Wellness?

Occupational wellness involves participating in activities that provide meaning and purpose in one’s life. Activities that reflect personal values, interests, and beliefs can include careers or jobs, but it can also include volunteer work.

Create balance in your worklife by scheduling time to relax, spend time with friends, or take a nature walk.

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  • 10 Ways to Make Sure People Love Working For You: If you want people to love working for you, it’s important that you keep them happy. Many studies and workplace reports show that employee happiness has a direct tie to the bottom line. Happy people are more creative, innovative and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts. And they are more likely to be loyal and responsible and to stick around for a long time.
  • How to Be Funny at Work: Research shows that teams that laugh together are more engaged and creative. So how do we bring more humor into the workplace, even in trying times? First, recognize that you don’t have to be a class clown or a comedian to be funny. Everyone has their own humor style, and studies show that any kind of levity brings benefits. Next, try some simple attempts at humor that offer both truth and surprise; even something as simple as a clever sign-off can bring a smile to someone’s face. Finally, build signature stories that showcase your personality and sense of humor.
  • 7 Ways to Share Socially Distanced Kindness in the Workplace: February is the month of love and kindness. While some people thoroughly enjoy the multitude of candy hearts, red roses and pink teddy bears, others would rather skip right through to March. But February is much more than Valentine’s Day – it’s the month of kindness! Take advantage of this time to show compassion and support to colleagues at work. We all need a little extra appreciation these days.
  • How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too: A great article by Harvard Business Review in the importance of resilience and how looking after our own minds is as equally important as looking after our teams. Also 3 great ideas in how to navigate this part of the pandemic.
  • Be Your Own Solution: Resetting your Mindset with Jackie Hermes: YOU are the one thing in life you can control. Are you intentional about how you approach your day and take care of yourself? Choose your attitude instead of simply reacting to situations around you. Wisconsin business owner Jackie Hermes talks briefly about her recent struggles with mindset.
  • 8 Simple Tips on How to Celebrate Small Wins Daily: In our day to day lives, we normally perform some activities which qualify as wins. They could be as small as remembering to eat healthy or performing well in a particular interview or presentation. For most of us, these small victories go unnoticed. However, we are quick to notice any mistakes or shortcomings that we could make during our day. While it is important to notice our mistakes so as to correct them, we should not ignore our small wins. This is because they give us joy and are essential to our motivation. Here is how to celebrate small wins daily and increase happiness.

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