Candidates Forum

This is an opportunity for Brodhead area residents to hear from the candidates on a number of issues.

The Agenda for the evening:

7:00  Welcome and Introductions

7:10  Ground Rules and Timekeeping

7:15 Opening Statements

7:45  Responses to Better Brodhead’s question

8:00  Q&A

8:30 Adjourn

This is an unbiased event.  Better Brodhead does not support or endorse any candidate.

To ensure an unbiased forum the audience is asked to abide by several rules.

1. The audience is expected to be respectful.

2. No applause, cheers, or jeers will be allowed.

3. Anyone seen as disrupting the event will be asked to leave.

4. The audience may applaud at the conclusion of the evening.

5. Questions will be asked through the moderator.  Audience members will write down questions on index cards and pass the cards to volunteers.

6. Questions will focus on issues not personalities.