National Drug Prevention Week Scavenger Hunt

scavenger huntParticipate in the National Prevention Week Scavenger Hunt

for a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card!

Better Brodhead, in collaboration with seven businesses in Brodhead, has set up a scavenger hunt that will start on May 10th at 9am and run until May 16th  at 5pm.  This event is free.

Each of the seven businesses will have a poster in their storefront window. The poster will have the Better Brodhead logo and a drug prevention message.

The poster will also have a riddle. Solve the riddle and go into the store. Tell the store clerk the correct answer to the riddle, and they will give you a card with a QR code on it. The QR code will tell you what business to go to next.  Each business will have a poster with a different riddle on it. Solve the riddle, and the store clerk in the business will give you a card.

You should end up with 7 cards after the seventh business.  For the correct answer, the seventh business will give you a treat (for the first 50 people), and the card that they give you will have the QR code that leads you to a form to fill out for the $200 drawing.

Enjoy the hunt!

The starting location for the first poster is Foster’s Gaming.

One lucky winner will be drawn for the $200 Visa gift card.

The drawing will take place on May 17th and the winner will be announced in the newspapers on May 24th.