Narcan Training flyer

Narcan Training

Join us at the Monroe Public Library on October 20th from 6-7pm for a free Narcan training. We are teaming up with Green County Human Services to provide more training and resources to the community during our opioid epidemic. You may ask, what is Narcan? Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is a tool used to help treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. Narcan will be provided for free at this training, and you will also receive a certificate for completing the course. Please register through the link down below

Narcan Training

Join us for a free Narcan training on August 25th, 2022 from 6pm to 7pm. This will be held at the Brodhead Memorial Public Library. Please register through the link below by August 19th, and if you have any questions, email us at or contact us on Facebook!

Overdose Prevention Training

Save a life!  An increasing number of people are becoming addicted to prescription pain killers.  An overdose from prescription opioids or heroin can be reversible by administering naloxone (Narcan).   Please share the flyer with everyone you know!  Revised flyer 4 (1)

This overdose prevention training will teach you the signs of an overdose, what Naloxone (Narcan) is, and how to administer it.  Free doses of Narcan will be available following the training.

If you have family, friends, loved ones who are struggling with addiction, you should attend this training.  If you come in contact with the public, you should attend this training.

You could save a life.