Hidden in Plain Sight set up

Hidden In Plain Sight Drug-Awareness Program

Hidden In Plain Sight is an opportunity for parents, teachers, and others who work with youth to experience and explore the environment of a teenager and learn to spot signs of possible substance use and risky behavior.

Hidden In Plain Sight simulates a teenager’s bedroom, in which we have placed several items that may indicate that the teen is using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs or is engaging in behavior that could lead to such use. Some things are obvious, some are well-hidden, and some are sitting in plain sight.

The exhibit’s aim is to help parents and other adults see the environment with new eyes, know the warning signs that may be obvious once they are pointed out, and then help them have a conversation with the teen to stop dangerous behaviors.

The Hidden In Plain Sight exhibits and trainings are provided at no cost to host organizations in Green County. So far, we have hosted the training for Brodhead Area EMS and Fire District, Brodhead Middle School staff, Brodhead High School staff, and parents in the Brodhead community during different events. A bedroom-sized space is required to set up the exhibit, and only adults are admitted into the room. Depending on the host organization’s needs, people can explore the room individually or in groups. A variety of educational materials and resources is made available for further information.